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Getting Your Grass Valley Home Ready for Winter Part 2

       Getting Your Home Ready for Winter, Part 2: Protect outside pipes and faucets. In some Grass Valley homes, the outside faucet has a separate shut-off in the basement. If you have a separate valve for outside faucets, shut … Continue reading

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Getting Your Auburn Home Ready for Winter Part 1

Turning on your furnace for the first time after months of inactivity is often a shock. It can literally be a shock to your heating system, and it might even be a shocking experience when you get your first heating bill! Continue reading

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15 Energy Conservation Tips

1) Turn down the heat

Electricity consumption differs dramatically in households around the world, but energy efficiency is universal. Figures from Greenpeace state that the average household in Europe consumes 4,667 kWh, in Japan 5,945 kWh per year, whereas the typical American household consumes 11,209 kWh.
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