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In the past, wastewater treatment and disposal facilities for homes in Grass Valley with indoor plumbing consisted of buried bottomless containers, or cesspools. Continue reading

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A Simple DIY All Natural Recipe for Unclogging Drains

Baking soda and vinegar as you know are natural ingredients preferable to the manufactured chemical sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda or lye. Sodium hydroxide is the active ingredient in most grocery store drain cleaners. While the chemical isn’t too harmful for the environment since it’s broken down by the time it flows into oceans and rivers, it can be harmful to whomever it touches. And it can do a nasty number on the working of your septic tank. Continue reading

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DIY Electrical testing for your Auburn CA Home

If the thought of working on an electrical circuit in your Nevada County home makes you cringe, then investing in a good quality multi-meter, voltmeter, ticker tracer or a neon-light tester should be your first order of business. Continue reading

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