DIY Installing A Toilet In Your Auburn Home

Installing a new toilet in your Auburn home is relatively easy for the handy person. Here are few steps that can help, and it can be completed in about one day.
Selecting a new toilet:
In the United States, new toilets must allow for only one & a half gallons of water per flush. This not only saves the environment with every flush, it also saves you $ each month on your Auburn water bill. You will find that most local building codes require these new toilets. It is always best to check with your local Auburn DPW before installing the new toilet. The only thing left is to choose a style and color that best suits your needs and interior design scheme of your bathroom. A little word from the wise, do not buy the cheapest toilet you can find. They will only be a headache, like clog all the time. You should expect to pay at least around $100 bucks for a decent WC.

DIY Caulking A Tub/Shower in Your Auburn Home

DIY Caulking a Tub and or Shower:

It’s important to properly caulk around bathtubs and shower in-closers in your Auburn home. Improperly sealed joints can cause damage to the structure behind the tile or fiberglass. Water can seep behind showers and bathtubs, ruining floorboards and walls. Also, unhealthy and dangerous forms of mold and mildew can form. Prevent damage from water and moisture by replacing missing and worn caulking around bath tubs and showers.