A Brief History of Plumbing

If you want to learn about the history of plumbing one needs to start with where the word plumbing originated. The word “Plumbing” came from the Latin word “Plumbum” which means lead. The word “Plumbum” refers or referred to the pipes and some of the fixtures that were used to distribute water and gas, and the disposal of waste water and sewage.

The first waste disposal systems or sewers were built in Rome between 800 B.C.E. and 735 B.C.E., 500 years before the first aqueduct was built. The Cloaca Maxima is one of the largest of the ancient sewers and is still being used. It was designed and constructed to carry off the surface water, and to provide drainage for the entire city. Disposing of sewage has been an issue. Disease would be transmitted through water and waste because of ignorance.

Fortunately a lot has changed over the years. We all have running water and indoor flushing toilets today. It something we now take for granted.

Plumbers of  today need education, training and need  to gain experience as an apprentice for at least four years before they can be qualified as a “plumber”.

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