Basic Troubleshooting Electrical Issues in Your Grass Valley Home

We get called out to many different electrical problems here in Grass Valley. Some of them can be very complicated, difficult to locate and hard solve. But there are also quit a few of them that are easy to take care of. I thought I would give you all a short list of things to check before you call us out to look at your electrical problem. You might just save yourself some time and money solving the problem yourself.

Basic Checks:
Is the Switch “On”?
Is the Light Bulb burned out?

Is the appliance plugged in?
Is a GFI Receptacle or GFCI Breaker tripped?
Is a Circuit Breaker tripped or a Fuse blown – If so find out why!

Sometimes troubleshooting is easy and extremely obvious. Like a switch that was forgotten about or, a light bulb that just burnt out. You may even discover that a GFCI receptacle or breaker was tripped. There have been many times when the tripped GFCI Plug was behind a pile of boxes in the garage and no one ever knew there was a plug there. We’ve even found tripped GFCI Plugs that supply power to outlets on another floor in Nevada City, Ca. Well, I could go on and on with stories about troubleshooting electrical wiring in Nevada County and Penn Valley but I’ll end it here.