Quiet Standby Generator, Lake Tahoe

No More Loud and Obnoxious Roar
Perhaps the image you’re conjuring up is that old obnoxious generator at your Grandparents Lake Tahoe cabin. The good news is that emergency standby generators built today are a lot quieter than those loud dinosaurs of the past. Although it’s not like they run on stealth mode like a submarine patrolling enemy waters, the noise they do produce no longer presents serious problems like those old backup generators did and still do.
This is a rather important issue to consider, especially for anyone living in the peace and quiet of the Sierra Nevada. In the past this necessary emergency piece of equipment constantly roared a headache producing sound. Now, up to date manufacturing techniques have produced better muffling components and a sound deadening cabinet resulting in fewer sales of aspirin during those annoying power outages.
Call ABT for a free quote (530-272-9120) and find out just how quite a new Generac emergency standby generator is.

Electrical Hazards in Your Placer and Nevada County Home

Is your home safe from an electrical fire? An estimated 28,300 residential building electrical fires occurred each year between 2003 and 2005, resulting in 360 deaths, 1,000 injuries, and $995 million in losses, according to the United States Fire Administration.

Nearly half (47%) of these electrical fires, where equipment was involved, were started from wires overheating, causing their insulation to melt and ignite. Many of our homes are built with materials and methods of wiring that cannot sufficiently handle the heat build-up from the electrical demands of a typical household in the 21st Century. Heat-producing electrical equipment such as hair dryers, portable heaters and cooking appliances, use significantly more power than other electrical equipment. These devices may overload a circuit, especially one that is already reaching its maximum amperage allowance. Coupled with faulty circuit breakers and poorly wired outlets, this overload can cause the products to overheat and possibly to catch fire.

ABT Installes a Back-Up Generator

Banner Lava Cap is known for its snowy winters. Thanks to a back-up generator recommended and installed by ABT Plumbing & Electric, scenic snowstorms are worry-free. Double-pane windows, generous insulation and well-placed shutters (both internal and external) help conserve energy while keeping the home toasty warm. “Barbara Hartwick of Nevada City gave me good practical and aesthetic advice,” Laurie added.