Free Heat For Hot Water, Grass Valley


 Auburn, Ca- In this heat, some are finding they don’t have cold water or their cold water isn’t as cool as it should be.

Andrew twidwell, the owner of  ABT Plumbing, Electric, Heat & Air in Grass Valley, Ca, said the hot sun is heating up underground pipes.  He said homes with plumbing in the attic will likely have even warmer water.

“Once the water goes into the attic and it sits up in the attic it is going to be in excess of 140 degrees,” he said.

Andrew Twidwell said he gets a lot of calls during the summer months of people complaining they don’t have cold water.  He said cold water normally comes out at 40-70 degrees, but with the current summer heat it is coming out of some home faucets in the 90s.

He said there’s no fix to the problem; homeowners just have to wait for the tempratures outside to drop