Generac Generator Grass Valley Ca

Stationary Home Generators
Stationary home generators are permanent power generators installed at a private residence or at a business. Gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas are the four separate fuel sources that a stationary Generac home generator in Grass Valley, or Nevada City, Ca is capable of running on depending on which make and model you choose. This type of Generac generator is designed to provide a long runtime especially when it is connected to another fuel source, such as gas power. The main difference between a stationary home Generac generator and a portable home generator is that a stationary model is able to handle all of its applications by itself. Someone does not even have to be home for the system to become active and to start running. A standby Generac home generator is equipped with an automatic start option. This automatic start option includes an auto transfer switch that is set to sense a power outage. When a power outage is sensed, the automatic transfer switch will switch the electric load from the utility line to the generator line. Then when the power is restored the system will automatically switch back. The usual transfer time of this automated system requires ten to thirty seconds in order to properly make the switch. If you run important computer applications you may need a backup system in order to recover any lost data during the transfer period. Stationary electric Generac generators in Grass Valley, Nevada City, California require a professional licensed contractor installation. This type of home generator is known for increasing the value placed on a home. Safety, optimum power, and increased home value are all advantages to owning a stationary Generac home generator.