Trenchless Sewer Replacement

There can be few things more heartbreaking than having to dig a trench right through someone’s prized yard, driveway, or patio. Thankfully, if you are in need of sewer or drain repairs in the Nevada County or Placer County area you can call upon ABT Plumbing’s “trenchless” sewer technology to help you. We can replace or repair your sewer without the trench digging.

What is Trenchless Technology?

Trenchless sewer repair is a way of repairing of your damaged sewer or drain lines underground – the big advantage is that it can save digging large trenches across your yard and driveway, and minimize the disruption for your home and your family. If you think that trenchless sewer repair might be useful for your home, consider ABT Plumbing’s professional workmanship and respect for your home and your time.

Here Are Some Advantages:

Minimal damage to expensive driveways and landscaping

Satisfaction guaranteed

Rapid completion time to return service

Job sites are left clean and sanitized

Experienced in working with insurance companies


The damaged pipe is lined with a permanent epoxy resin that hardens to create a new pipe, solving your drain and sewer problems – this technology can SAVE YOUR EXISTING PIPES. We have options to save the sewer lines that other companies can only replace. We are able to line a sewer pipe all the way to the city main, without the expense of tearing up the city street. This alone can save thousands of dollars in expansive encroachment permits and paving.


The old pipe is burst underground and a new continuous pipe (no joints) is pulled through. If desired the new pipe can actually be of a slightly larger diameter than the old pipe.

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