Is it Time to Re-Pipe The House?

It’s Time to Consider Re-Piping if You’re Experiencing:

Water leaks

Rusty water

Bad water pressure

Gross or dirty water

Any one of these symptoms could mean it’s time to replace those old aging water pipes. At ABT Plumbing we have years of experience replacing water lines from the street all the way to the plumbing fixtures.

Working in Nevada and Placer County we see a lot of different types of plumbing, it’s nothing like working in the flat lands. Over the many years working in this county we have found products that work better than others with the different types of water we have in this area.

Copper pipe works well for houses hooked up to pipe treated water PEX maybe better for well water we have. You need a Grass Valley plumber who knows what works, and where it works. You also need an Auburn plumber who can do the job with the least amount of disruption in your daily life.

Most of our water re-pipes take two to three days at most. We’ll only turn your water off for the last tie-in, usually only lasting 4 hours or less, and in the middle of the day, when you’re away at work. And once our team of professionals is finished, you’ll barley know we where there. We take great pride in leaving your home as close to the way we found it as possible.

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