Standby Generac Generator How They Work

Simply put, a backup or standby generator supplies emergency power when the grid goes down. A system consists of a natural gas, gas or propane-¬powered unit that is connected to an automatic transfer switch and to the home’s main distribution panel. Constantly monitoring the incoming voltage, the generator senses a power loss and activates automatically. At the same time, the transfer switch closes the utility line and opens the line to the generator. Once the power returns, the transfer switch reverts to the utility line.
For many years automatic standby generators were used mainly by farmers, businesses, and the construction sector. Standby power generators have been around for many years. The old units were loud, large, or expensive—and in some cases, all three—but improvements over the past 10 years have made them viable for residential use. The prices have come down considerably over the last decade making them attractive for many Northern California residences in Grass Valley, Colfax, and Nevada City. Call for a FREE quote, we ABT Plumbing, Electric, Heat & Air offers “Same As Cash, No Interest For 12 months”. 530-272-9120