Standby Generac Generators Lake Tahoe, Ca

Lake Tahoe CaLife’s possible without electricity, but it’s not a whole lot of fun. The sudden failure of the power grid can turn your refrigerator into the domain of squishy purple mutants; your business into a nuclear winter; and your days into an endless wait for a utility that only cares about you at the end of a billing cycle. Especially in the Lake Tahoe area, where the electric infrastructure is increasingly aged and under-maintained, power failures are becoming more common, protracted and more than merely annoying.

A Generac standby generator is a cost-effective, convenient alternative to a gasoline generator. It runs on propane or natural gas, starts automatically when the lights go out, performs a weekly exercise cycle to keep itself ready for action and is permanently wired into your home or business, replacing your conventional electricity supply when your conventional electricity supply jumps in to Lake Tahoe. While it’s usually structured to address specific electric circuits in your home or business, for a slight increase in installation costs it can be fitted with a transfer switch to handle your entire house or business.

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