Kevin is An Awesome Plumber!

Kevin was able to come out in the middle of the night to our house in Auburn, Ca and help us with our plumbing issue! Then when our home warranty people sent out a “plumber” (who was incompetent). The next day we requested we go through ABT again because Kevin knew what he was doing so they approved it for Kevin to fix the plumbing issue in the walls. Kevin is an awesome plumber.

Thank You!

Melissa C.

Auburn Ca.


Question: You probably think I have bats in the belfry, but my real problem is squirrels in the attic. Their scurrying and chattering drive me nutty! I know this isn’t part of your trade, but I suspect that people in any home repair business may have encountered this problem. How do I get rid of the creatures (a humane solution, please)?

Reply: You guessed right. Anyone who has worked in home repairs for a length of time gets it all. We fix our share of doorknobs and table legs and get asked to help with everything from auto repairs to marriage counseling. Plumbers, Electrician, and HVAC technicians have had to deal with pets ranging from hamsters to boa constrictors (not in the same house, you can be sure). Yep, people in the home repair business hear a thing or two about squirrels invading peoples’ living space.