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Standby Generac Generators Lake Tahoe, Ca

A Generac standby generator is a cost-effective, convenient alternative to a gasoline generator. It runs on propane or natural gas, starts automatically when the lights go out, performs a weekly exercise cycle to keep itself ready for action and is permanently wired into your home or business, replacing your conventional electricity supply when your conventional electricity supply jumps in to Lake Tahoe. While it’s usually structured to address specific electric circuits in your home or business, for a slight increase in installation costs it can be fitted with a transfer switch to handle your entire house or business.

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Standby Generac Generator How They Work

Simply put, a backup or standby generator supplies emergency power when the grid goes down. A system consists of a natural gas, gas or propane-¬powered unit that is connected to an automatic transfer switch and to the home’s main distribution … Continue reading

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Generac Generator Grass Valley Ca

Stationary Home Generators Stationary home generators are permanent power generators installed at a private residence or at a business. Gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas are the four separate fuel sources that a stationary Generac home generator in … Continue reading

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