Everyone Wants Crisp, Clean Water

Save Money & Help the Environment:

If you’re thinking about water softening, conditioning and purification for your home or business in Nevada or Placer County, ABT Plumbing has the solutions which can save your wallet, and help the environment.

Why improve your water? There are several advantages:

Soft water is:

Soft water is water with the hardening minerals that cause scale removed or altered. Conditioned water is water with reduced levels of contaminants, bacteria and pollutants. This is a major problem with wells in Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Colfax and Auburn CA.

Pure Water:

Purer water brings peace of mind, and better protection for your family and customers from health risks associated with contaminants than untreated water would.

Easier to Clean:

Softened, cleaner water is easier to wash and bathe with. It makes for a luxurious lather that is impossible in hard water areas without using huge amounts of soap or shampoo.

Softened, cleaner water is easier to clean up after – hard water leaves tough residues and spots on shower doors and screens and on washed dishes and glasses.

Softer water is better for your plumbing pipes:

Softer water is better for your plumbing pipes, fittings and fixtures – it can help avoid otherwise unnecessary plumbing repairs and replacements and improve the appearance and longevity of faucets. One of the common problems associated with hard water is that scale can build up inside the pipes, reducing water pressure and sometimes causing total blockages. Another common complaint is the unsightly scale build up around faucets and sinks. A water softener system can not only help to prevent further build-up of scale, but even help to remove build-ups that are already there.

Softer water is better for your appliances:

Softer water is better for appliances like water heaters, dishwashers, ice makers and washing machines, and can help to increase their working lives and prevent unnecessary maintenance from scale build-ups.

SAVES Money:

SAVINGS: softer water can save you from unnecessary soap and detergent costs, from unnecessary plumbing repairs from scale-related blockages, and help extend the reliable, working life of your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine.


For restaurants, hotels, hospitals, golf clubs, and car washes – indeed any business or institution using a large quantity of water there are considerable benefits from considering water conditioning solution offered by ABT Plumbing. Customers will appreciate the cleaner-taste, the cleaner plates and glasses, and the softer washing in the restroom sinks. You will appreciate the lower maintenance costs and better reliability of your dishwashers and plumbing pipes and other water heaters or sprinklers and jets, as well as lower detergent and cleaning costs. The properties of softer water can also make for reduced water usage, and energy savings if you heat a lot of water. Speak to an ABT Plumbing commercial specialist for advice and help with choosing a system that is suitable for your business or institution, and to discover more about the ways in which it can help you.