Your Electrician Andrew is a Great Employee

Your Electrician Andrew is a Great Employee

Dear Sir,

I’m taking the time to write you to offer my compliments and comments regarding your current electrician Andrew Thompson. I know the I and other can be swift to call or write with complaints, so it seems important to also send praise and compliments for a job well done.

Recently, as you know, I hired your company to upgrade our electric fuse panel. We had a previously electrician from ABT Plumbing, Electric, Heat & Air out several times in an attempt to address our problem with power in our home to no avail, only to be told after significant expenditure that we would need to replace our panel. Andrew took on the job and did very well, and I’m confidant that would do well in a future job we need done.

Andrew was very kind and courteous and patient, communicating well and very clearly anytime I had a questions or concerns throughout the job. This job was not an easy one, and working alone he put in long hours , and on the second day he worked well into the evening to restore power to our house. For whatever reason PG&E was very difficult to deal with on our project, and it was an incredible struggle to get them to send out a technician to re-hook up our power, but regardless Andrew pursued them relentlessly, and was successful.

Andrew definitely goes above and beyond the “Call of Duty.” Out of his pocket he loans customers a generator to power their refrigeration and to have a few lights while the power was out during a panel change, and even brought gas to fuel it, asking nothing in return. This certainly puts your company in good light and shows deep consideration on his part.

When the final inspection was done, the inspector made a comment about the work we had done, saying that from the end product he saw a “skilled, professional electrician” and he did “a very good job.”

Andrew is a great employee to have in your company, and what you said to me on the phone is correct, he is much better than the last electrician. i have another large electrical project in mind that eventually will need to be done, and I’ll be calling ABT in the hopes that Andrew will be able to do that job as well. I know that he’s good at what he does and can be trusted.


Bret C.

Grass Valley, Ca


Thank you so much for you kind words, it means so much to us. As you stated most people only seem to take the time to complain. And i can’t agree with you more about how lucky we are to have Andrew Thompson on our team.

Andrew B. Twidwell

ABT Plumbing, Electric, Heat & Air